Hello! Welcome to my trapeze boot (gaiters) website, My name is Sammy.

All these trapeze boots (gaiters) were made at Temple Cloud Circus in South Bristol, and are handmade by me with leather that is a by-product of the meat industry, so it would be going to waist anyway. I also recycle leather clothes into boots. I am developing vegan Trapeze Boots, when they are available I will put a link here.

I have over 50 ready-made pairs in stock, most of them are in Temple Cloud trapeze school south Bristol. I have all different sizes and colours if you can make it down to have a look you will enjoy all the choice.

Some of my boots are also in a display at Aircraft Circus if you’re in London. http://aircraftcircus.com. Probably the best time to buy boots from me is if you come to Aircraft Circus: Greenwich Circus Festival (in December)! I’m always in a good mood – over excited because I’m with my Aircraft family, and usually I’m selling off all my boots cheaper than usual. Plus I make lots of pairs to take there…. and you can try on all the sizes to get a good feel what size you like.

If you require a pair made especially for you – or you would like me to find out what ones I have in stock that might fit you – please click on this link and send me the relevant measurements.

Things to consider when trying on trapeze boots.

  1. The leather will stretch more than you imagine, so you need to consider the lacing gap needs to be big enough to accommodate this. This is why some custom made boots end up stretching and being too big after some wear.
  2. Before lacing them, pull them up, so that when you do them up they are tight.
  3. Suede boots have more grip on the equipment and will feel more secure if you’re a beginner artist.
  4. You can also get longer laces from http://www.biglaces.com. This way so long as the tongue is big enough to go around your calf completely,  a smaller size pair could still fit you, You will have a bigger laced area. Some people like this look.

Leather Colour:

I always have black in stock,
Gray, Green, Purple, Pink, Blue, Silver, Gold, Brown, Red.

If you require a different colour I would need to visit the leather supplier that’s a  drive for me and even then they might not have exactly what you want, but they usually have most colours in stock. The shades, grades, and designs on the leather vary.

Different Trims.
I use satin ribbon, lace, and sparkly trims. Recently I’ve started adding a star design to my boots. just ask if you want something different.

One last note ….I am dyslexic so if you find any irritating typos or spelling mistakes on any of my websites – I welcome being told where they are so I can correct them.